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Bridal Testimonials


The whole process of having my dress made by you is something I’ll never forget.  I do not know many people who can say their wedding dress was made for them… from having you sketch their vision, to looking at the samples, and watching the whole dress evolve… it was amazing.  I loved seeing something drawn on paper come to life on me … You really have such a talent! I have to say “Thanks” to you… EVERYONE loved my dress, and commented on how they’d never seen a dress like it!



“The dress from Allison Rodger suited the location for our wedding at Amberley castle perfectly, and I felt like a million dollars wearing it. If I could, I would wear it again, and again (but realise this would be slightly inappropriate!). The lace detail over the corset was simply divine, and throughout the entire day I felt relaxed and comfortable from the moment I put my dress on.”


“I just loved having my dress made – I’ve never had anything like that done before, and it was really special being able to create it together with Allison, perfectly fitted, just for me, and adding glitz and sparkle along the way – even down to my shoes!  It was such a fun part of my Wedding preparations”


“What an amazing experience it was to have Allison create my dream wedding gown. I enjoyed and looked forward to every fitting, and from the moment I entered her studio right until my actual wedding day, I was made to feel so special.  She and her wonderful team created a truly romantic feel to the whole planning of the gown.  I appreciated every stitch and thought that went into the creation, and on my wedding day I felt as though I was the most beautiful bride in the world.”



“I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted from the moment I started thinking about my dress and trying on a few different styles very quickly confirmed that.  I wanted slinky with a vintage feel, elegant but sexy too!  I’d seen an evening dress by Allison Rodger in a magazine years ago and torn it out thinking if ever anyone asks me to marry them, at least I have an idea of what I want from my dress.  When my beloved finally felt ready to propose I knew exactly who to call first… Allison.  She was my very first appointment, just around the corner from my parents’ house and she even had a spaniel (I have one too, Lola, my flower dog) so I knew we were going to get on but was she ‘the one’ for my dress?  I came away after that first appointment convinced she was and although I went along to a couple of other consultations I already had booked, my heart just wasn’t in it because my gut was saying I’d already found the right person.  Allison is amazing, incredibly patient, with fantastic attention to detail, she really got what I was trying to acheive, even though my sketches were hopeless.  Although I had a firm vision it is still a process and Allison’s knowledge and experience was vital, always ensuring I felt in safe hands.

On the day I couldn’t wait to put my dress on and it felt fabulous, everything I’d dreamed it would be and more, the cut, the fit, the fabric, the details were all perfect.  My biggest regret is that I’ll never get to wear it again but maybe one day my daughter will want it, certainly Allison’s creations are heirloom quality.

Marrying a man who is always immaculately turned out and extremely particular about what he likes and dislikes made walking up the aisle even more nerve wracking but he adored my dress, to the extent that at every wedding we’ve been to since he always whispers ‘it’s a great dress but it’s not as good as yours’!  Very complimentary words from an absolute perfectionist!!!”


“It was one of the hottest days of the summer in London last year when I found my gorgeous wedding dress. I was with a very good friend, and we’d been all over London in the heat trying on wedding dresses. They all felt uncomfortable and sticky, and I’d almost given up finding anything that day. We arrived at Allison’s, and her adorable little cocker spaniel came running to the door… I immediately felt good about this place. Allison was lovely, and showed me a few of her styles, which were exactly what I could envisage myself wearing – simple, yet stunningly elegant – and comfortable!

Both my husband and I are from Kenya, and we were married on my husband’s family farm on the shores of Lake Naivasha in Kenya. The wedding was simple and rustic – the ceremony was nestled in the trees on the shore of the lake with resident wildebeest, impala and giraffe wandering past. As we said our vows, which we wrote ourselves, a pair of fish eagles in the tree above us started singing to each other. The fish eagle’s song is beautiful, and for us, sentimental too. That was a very special moment, but the whole day was the happiest day of my life, and I’m still smiling!”




“I came to England at the end of September, and my wedding was to be on the 21st of October. I was so stressed, because all the places I’d contacted said, “You are too late, we can’t help you.” My friend Hoda took me to see Allison Rodger, who accepted to make my dress in three weeks. She was lovely and so helpful. It was a wonderful experience to see my wedding dress created from scratch. I really enjoyed my fittings with Allison, and her way of making the dress. I’m still amazed that it was the only dress that I tried on, and made up my mind. On the day of my wedding, I felt that this is the dress that I always dreamed of, and Allison Rodger fulfilled my dream”


“I had a clear picture in my head of the kind of wedding dress I wanted. I did the usual rounds of wedding fairs and visited large bridal-wear shops, but it wasn’t until meeting Allison that I found a dress that matched my vision.

I’m a bit of a tomboy and rarely wear dresses, but I knew that I wanted a figure hugging wedding dress that was on the tasteful side of sexy! It was also important to have a dress that did not restrict my movement, so that I could negotiate the many steps at Urquhart Castle with ease.

Allison was fantastically helpful when advising on both the design and choice of colour that would best suit my body-shape and skin tone. I felt amazing in my dress and received numerous compliments about how beautiful and perfect it was for me. Allison turned my dream dress into a reality!!”


“I began the search for my wedding dress in a couple of bridal shops, which gave me some ideas, but none felt perfect for the momentous day. My husband to be reminded me about Allison, who made me a beautiful dress for my sister in law’s wedding.

I brought a collection of magazine cut outs to my first appointment, to help me describe what I had in mind. After a few minutes, Allison started drawing and showed me a few materials and beading samples that we could incorporate in the dress. I felt really excited, and confident that I was in very capable hands.  In fact, her determination to make it a perfect dress for me was incredible. I fell in love with a particular lace that I saw online, and Allison tried all of her contacts to find the same design, without success. I was ready to pick an alternative, but she hadn’t given up and managed to source the lace of my dreams.

She also suggested sewing pieces of the beaded lace on to my shoes, as I was having trouble finding shoes to work with my dress – and they looked amazing.

I am really thankful to my husband for reminding me of Allison. I enjoyed the whole experience, and always looked forward to the next appointment to see how the dress had progressed. It truly is an exquisite dress, and I love every bit of it. Simple yet elegant, the beading is stunning and most importantly, it was so comfortable.   I received so many compliments, and I have Allison and her team to thank for their part in my special day.”




“We were engaged in May, and planning a September wedding, the same year! This gave no time for protracted decisions. I decided to visit a boutique I knew in Belgravia, only to discover that it had closed. The happy coincidence was that en route I stumbled upon Allison’s atelier!

From our first meeting I felt very comfortable with Allison, and of course Alfie! I knew nothing about her, but it soon became clear that Allison had oodles of experience at the very highest level, and was someone to whom I could entrust this momentous task.

I knew that a traditional bridal gown wasn’t for me. I wanted a dress with easy elegance and relaxed glamour that I could wear again. 

I’m very clear about what I like, and Allison got me as a person, knew how to emphasise my best bits, and is a perfectionist to every last detail. My husband, friends and family all thought I looked stunning on the day. Without doubt, my dress played a huge part of that!”

Helen B



“Before I met Allison I had a few ideas of what I wanted. I knew my outfit needed to be special enough for a bride, but I also wanted something practical to wear again, preferably as separate pieces. I also wanted to be elegant, with a modern twist. I’d seen a Givenchy couture dress, and a 1950’s cocktail dress at the V&A – I liked elements of both. Over the course of two or three meetings, Allison and I discussed ideas and she came up with some wonderful suggestions. 

The starting point was a skirt I’d bought a few months earlier. Allison used tulle from its sash to make a boned top, and to go with these a beautiful lace jacket. In the fittings we tried it with jeans to ensure that it worked as well. It was a wonderful outfit to wear – I felt fabulous and received many compliments. What’s really great is I know that it’s hanging in my wardrobe waiting to be worn again, another chance to look great and be reminded again of a lovely day.”


“The experience of having a wedding dress designed and made by Allison and her team was wonderful. Allison has such a wealth of experience that she really knows what will work on both your figure and with the fabrics you have chosen. Allison makes it a fun and creative experience. She listened to my ideas and managed to create the dress that I thought only existed in my mind. Her attention to detail and the quality of the fabrics she uses are second to none. The result was a completely unique, flattering and very beautiful dress.

I really looked forward to seeing Allison and Alfie for my fittings. Allison is so kind and completely unflappable; she was a wonderful support in the run up to the wedding. I know she will be a lifelong friend to me and my mother. Allison was also incredibly flexible with her time allowing me to have fittings at times that worked around my hectic job which was a huge help and in stark to contrast to many wedding dress designers.

For any bride who wants getting their wedding dress to be a truly personal and relaxed experience, you need to go and see Allison!”


“I cannot thank Allison enough for creating my dream wedding dress. The whole dress-making experience was one I will never forget – how spoiling and special. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Allison, she successfully managed to sketch my perfect vision of my ideal dress. I wanted something quite natural and delicate, with an ethereal feel to it for an English country woodland wedding. Allison listened to my ideas, but also my concerns for a dress to be feminine and soft that would also flatter my figure. Thanks to her exquisite attention to detail, her years of knowledge, and her creative talent, Allison successfully achieved all of this and more. My dress was absolutely perfect, it was even more beautiful than I envisioned in my mind. The flattering corset, the soft chiffon lace, the embroidered butterflies and leaves that also sparkled down my veil, my dress was flawless. Thank you again for being simply incredible. Thank you also to Alfie the dog for his approving looks when needed “


“Working with Allison to create my wedding gown was such a pleasure from start to finish, and really added to the excitement in the build up to my wedding. It was all the more special to share the experience with my Mum for her Mother of the Bride outfit.

I wanted my dress to be Indian themed but in a Western style, and I had found a beautiful sari on a trip to Mumbai. Allison quite magically transformed the sari I’d chosen in to my wedding gown.

Allison’s attention to detail and perfectionism gave me such confidence through the process that Mum and I really enjoyed our fittings with her. In addition to her expertise, she is great company!”



“When we first met Allison Rodger, we instantly new she was the perfect dress designer for us, and she was very understanding to all of our needs. Her choice of fabrics, colour combinations, and attention to detail were amazing, and are still the talking point of our wedding.

When we discussed with Allison that our dogs would be at our wedding, she instantly knew what would work, and came up with the idea of matching silk taffeta ruffles. 

The end result was perfect, the dress and the beautiful cloak were like a fairytale. I never imagined we could create such a bespoke look, that I have never seen before. I would recommend Allison Rodger for anyone looking to create something “a little bit special”


“I have always loved the music, dance and style of the 1920s and 1930s and my husband and I wanted to throw a party that would be as exciting for our wedding guests as for us. For my dress I wished for elegance, with a low back and vintage feel. I had an image in my mind but nothing quite hit the mark. Then I stumbled across one of Allison’s dresses in a magazine, and immediately booked an appointment.

I loved the feel of Allison’s designs, but still I felt something was missing. Standing in the salon wearing one of Allison’s open back gowns, I took my grandmother’s pearls from my bag and showed them to her. It was important to me to wear them on my wedding day, and I envisioned them as back jewellery. She took them and draped them across my back, as they would later appear on the dress. They looked amazing. But how could it work? I was not taking any chances with my cherished family heirloom. Allison explained that the pearls could be attached and removed on the day. Then she took out a sketch pad, and started to draw. She was very quick and fluid in her movement but scientific in how the dress would be constructed. She explained as she drew, and when she turned her sketch pad around to reveal my dress, it was stunning!  

I never imagined I would have a dress created for my wedding but the process was such a lovely experience. Meeting Allison and her little dog, Alfie, in her salon every 4 weeks turned out to be my little oasis from the hectic life I was now leading; consumed by work and wedding planning. We had 5 months until the wedding, and after being measured, I had surgery on both feet. I returned just three and a half months before the wedding to try my toile. Each time I visited we would fit, and Allison would tweak the design where needed. It was really exciting to see my dress come to life. The next visit was to inspect the beading, then the dress itself, and soon it was the final fitting.

Allison had a lot to contend with…the dress had to be fluid, match the pearls, and of course be absolutely stunning! This very figure hugging dress needed to flow. My husband and I would be dancing a choreographed swing dance, and the dress needed to move with me.  Allison hit all marks. The dress felt amazing and, as you can imagine from the photos, it stole the show! Thank you Allison, you are an artist and a pleasure to work with.”


“Now, what can I say about my dress… From the very beginning, I knew I was in the only place in the world that could bring to life the vision that Mum, Sarah and I had created in our heads.

My corset was just stunning, and pulled in all those naughty parts, as well as being comfortable, and making me feel a billion dollars. Changing Mum’s wedding dress, so that I could use the skirt, is now going to be a tradition – and I can’t wait for Sarah to wear it too.”

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