About Allison Rodger

Allison Rodger in her studio

Allison Rodger is an experienced couturier who specialises in creating made to measure clothing exclusively for women. Whether it’s a bold, expressive statement piece or an elegant, understated design, Allison works closely with her clients to meticulously craft bespoke pieces that both flatter and have timeless appeal. The same attention to detail is given to every design be it a wedding dress, a wardrobe staple, a suit or dress for a special occasion. Each piece is created to endure the test of time, sustainable fashion that transcends fleeting trends.

Allison attributes her love of fabrics to her paternal great Grandfather who was Head Draper at Liberty.  During her childhood she enjoyed creating things with scraps of fabric and learnt to sew at school. Allison’s A-level needlework teacher Jill McConnell-Wood who also designed and made clothes for boutiques in Newcastle, encouraged her to experiment and think outside the norm, with colour coordination and proportion.

After leaving school Allison went on to study fashion design at Harrow School of Art, one of the leading courses in London. Following her graduation Allison started work as assistant designer to David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. With the Emmanuel’s being renowned for making Princess Diana’s wedding dress the summer before Allison joined, their label attracted celebrities and royals and Allison gained invaluable experience in couture design.

After making her own small collection of bridal designs, showcasing it to the bridal buyer at Liberty who promptly placed an order, Allison took the leap and launched her own label. She established her first shop and design studio in Pimlico, before locating to the current Parsons Green location in 2018.